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Always brush your teeth properly … #brushbrush

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Who doesn’t know the discussions at night before going to bed about brushing the teeth. Due to a few tricks Pippa has become a real fan of brushing her teeth and even asks during the day for her tooth brush.

How we go there? Read here

Ok, not everyone has such a funny and charming godmother like Pippa who entertains and motivates her. But Pippa loves music and due to the funny beaver tooth-brush song she became somewhat conditioned to brushing her teeth whenever she hears or we sing that song.

For all of you who do not know the song, we share it here with you. And you find the lyrics below as well. Have fun while grooving 🙂

Wie heißt doch so schön das Lied:

Immer schön die Zähne putzen, putze – putze – putze – putz!

Sonst sind sie bald zu nichts mehr nutze, putze – putze – putze – putz!

Willst Du nicht Dein Gebiß verlieren, , putze – putze – putze – putz!

Musst Du schrubben und polieren, , putze – putze – putze – putz!

Geht das Putzen in die Hose, kriegst Du schnell Paradontose!

Sag zum Zähneputzen YES, dann kriegst Du niemals Karies 🙂

Even in Pippas daycare they brush their teeth and each child has its own brush in a board with a picture next to it. So everyone know which is his/her toothbrush.

Another reason to love and compliment our daycare since as we all know: what little John isn’t learning,…


  1. Johanna says:

    Wow – das sieht ja schon richtig professionell aus!

    Wo ist denn diese Krippe von der du berichtest? Und ist die auch sonst gut? Ich möchte nämlich bald wieder mit Arbeiten beginnen und bin auf der Suche!

    Danke 🙂

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