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Mom’s Challenge: Searching “smart” toys

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Totally in love with my new discovery from the world of toys I need to tell you about it right away!

The label is called  SEEDLING and was already founded in 2006 in New Zealand. The founders werer searching without success for wise and stimulating toys and were so fed up with the mass production toys. Mostly their kids played with the latter exactly for 10 minutes and then the toys were left aside in a corner and were never used again. To be honest, this sounds quite familiar to me.

Thus they have put all their childhood memories as well as lots of love, passion and excitement into the development of new toys that capitalize on the good old play experience from the good old times.

What are these? Simply those epxeriences that are shared with others and that require certain skills that challenge kidsgiving them the feeling to succeed in and reach something.

In the beginning there were only four products. Today there are over 50!  Among these there are so many super cute things such as the Do-it-yourself Superhero Cape,  a Do-it-yourself birdshouse, a Do-it-yourself ballet tutu as well as many other creative and stimulating things that REALLY are something different!

The nicest part is that mommy and daddy also perceive lots of joy when helping their kids in their creations reminding them of their own childhood.



  1. Wir haben Seedling Produkte auch schon verschenkt und immer glückliche Kinderherzen gehabt. Die Marke ist toll, sicher auch ein perfektes Weihnachtsgeschenk für Kinder in verschiedenen Altersgruppen.
    Liebe Grüsse
    rosa & limone

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