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Family Fun: Creative Session with salty dough

von am November 24th 2012 Tags: , , ,

Just now when the weather is wet and ugly again forcing us to rather stay inside, I am desperately searching for ideas to get the kids entertained and which are fun for me as well.

When it was so ugly again last weekend, I remembered an idea from when I was little and which can be turned into a great gifting idea for grandma and grandpa. Footprints in salty dough !

The dough is actually super easy:

All you need is :

  • 2 cups of flour,
  • 1 cup of salt
  • approx. 1 cup of water, just enough to make the dough smooth and soft without beeing sticky (the consistency should be similar to play dough).
  • I also add one tablespoon of cooking oil to make the dough even smoother.

It’s great to see how much fun even the little ones have when kneading the dough. Certainly, mommy is the one finalizing the dough  🙂

Well, then just take pieces of dough and roll them out. Now you can stamp stuff into it, or you can cut out nice shapes with cookie cutters or even form some nice figures..

Put the final salty dough pieces onto aluminum foil and dry them in the ofen at 80°C for 2-3 hours. Alternatively, you can put them on top of a shelf (out of the way) and have them dry for a few days

Once dried, the salty dough creations an be finished with varnish or paint.


  1. Kerstin says:

    Ach was kommen da doch für schöne Kindheitserinnerungen hoch.
    Ich weiß noch ganz genau wie wir exakt dasselbe am Kindergeburtstag meiner Cousine Sandra im Herbst 1984 in der okkergelben Küche meiner Tante zusammen mit noch 3 andern Kindern gemacht haben – es war ein riesen Spaß!
    Sobald mein Kleiner alt genug ist, werden wir das auch gemeinsam machen.

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