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Hatched – the big push from pregnancy to motherhood

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One of the ultimate moodlifter, an ideal gift for a babyshower or a soon-to-be-mom in the endphase of pregnancy, is Sloane Tanen’s book HATCHED – the big push from pregnancy to motherhood.

With cute little yellow toy chicks she re-enacts funny everyday situations of an expecting mother which are killingly funny. Absolute real-life situations and yet with the necessary portion of self-mockery and sarkasm. I get a fit of laughter everytime again when I read stories such as “Goodnight moon, hello Martini” .

Also brilliant is this citation

“As the unborn girl listened to her parents argue over baby names, her dreams of Harvard or Yale evaporated. Did they really think naming her Cinnamon or Ginger could get her anywhere but the nudie bar?”

The books is published by Bloomsbury Publishing with the ISBN number 978-0747590453 . Available as soft or hardcover and in several languages. And as I said – the perfect gift for an expecting mother-to-be who cannot wait until she pops.

Hatched!: The Big Push from Pregnancy to Motherhood


  1. Greta says:

    oh das hab ich auch bekommen und finde es zum Schießen!

  2. gstar81reta says:

    klingt lustig, muss ich auch mal bestellen!

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