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Sunday Inspiration with Little Marc Jacobs: It´s love!

von am August 2nd 2015 Tags: , , , , , ,

The perfect autumn outfit

We all know that love at first sight is nothing that happens to us every day. Mostly it´s like: Is this really the right thing for me? Should I really…? But sometimes it´s hits us out of the blue and we know: Yes, this is it.

This happened to us when we saw the latest collection of Little Marc Jacobs. 

And  that´s why we have been waiting for the postman to ring since weeks. Couldn´t wait to present all the cute and beautiful pieces in our shop. Here is a Sunday Inspiration with a small selection of what will be waiting for you.

The picture above is showing:

1. A blue and white knitted jumper wit horses.

2. Dark blue pants with glittering cuff.

3. It´s a classic shoe: Mouse ballet flats with glitter.

Number 2:


1. Cute red dress with print.

2. Silver ballet flats for baby girls. 

3. Cosy grey tights. 

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