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Sunday Inspiration: The kids-and-couture gift registry.

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Todays “Sunday Inspiration” is about a true story and how it became a real idea generator.

It was on Christmas, some years ago, before kidsandcouture was founded, and a kinswoman stayed with us. The older lady was so happy about her newborn relative, that she wanted to give her a very special Christmas present. It was not cheap – on the contrary – and it was well chosen, but – so sorry to say – it wasn´t exactly what we would have bought for the baby. In fact, it was pretty awful.

But as you might know, these kind of situations always bring something good as well, because the ugly knitted outfit made us think of an idea: The idea to create gift registry on Fashion-concious parents can put togehter their favourite items and share them wit family members, friends and older relatives 😉

No matter whether baptism, babyshower, birthday, or Christmas – the kids-and-couture gift registry meets all your wishes. You wanna test it? Here we go:

And the awful present? We put it in the wardrobe. And never had a look on it again.

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