Sunday Inspiration: Cooking with kids

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Mummy, this does not taste good!!”

“Dad, this is bah, I do not eat this.”

Then they are starting to cry.

Yes, these sentences can exasperate mums and dads and make them wanna shout out loud and loose the appetite. Amanda Grant must probably had similar experiences when she decided to write cookbooks for children. The idea: let the children cook to make them eat. With recipes appropriate for children she wants to ameliorate the mood at the dining table.

And this works perfectly with pizza, pasta, lasagna and bruschetta.

And then, hopefully, after a few weeks of practise in the kitchen your son or daughter soon maybe says: “Mummy, dad, food is ready!”



  1. Selber (mit)kochen hilft ungemein. Sich selbst das Essen, das es wirklich essen möchte, auf den Teller legen auch. Ich mag das große Familienkochbuch von GU. Einfache unkomplizierte Rezepte, die bei Kindern und Eltern gut ankommen. Allerdings kochen wir die mit weniger Kinderanteil. 😉

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