Mom’s challenges: first words or baby Chinese?

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Actually too adorable:

The first words of our little sweetheart.

However I am challenged everyday: What are you talking about, my dear child?!

Philippa enjoys it a lot to stand in front of me gabbing on me like a little bird. What sounds to me like fluent baby Chinese are partially real words which I am supposed to understand. Too amusing! Especially if I again do not understand a word making her totally grumly and chatty more than ever.

Here are a few real nice abstracts from our daily baby Chinese life.

  • Mamam Nunus > Eating noodles
  • Mama Nucki > I am Mum’s Schnucki (German for Sweetheart)
  • Necke da > There is a snail
  • Mama Miiii > Mama, I want my milk
  • Tatütataaa > The firemen
  • Blüüdä > A Blüte (German for flower)
  • Mama Dua > Mama, I want to wear shoes
  • Musi > my Schmusi (German cuddle toy)

Actually I find these words so cute and adorable that I would love to preserve them.

But no, certainly I am repeating the words properly in order to teach Pippa proper language skills.

Do your sweeties also talk such a bafflegab? And what’s your favorite word from Baby’s Chinese?

I am happy to rear your posts!


  1. Oh wie goldig. Sarah spricht teils auch Kauderwelsch, aber auch schon viele klare Worte. Gerade wenn sie ihre Lieder singt (Backe, backe Kuchen und Bruder Jakob), merkt man besonders schön, wie klar sie doch schon vieles aussprechen kann.

    Wir machen es auch so und korrigieren die gesprochenen Worte.

    Ich muss auch mal eine Übersicht ihrer Worte basteln. Ist eine schöne Erinnerung…

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