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Mom’s Challenge: Baby Shower for a good friend

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Although it’s still quite uncommon to have a babyshower in German speaking countries, I am too much of a fan of American customs. Thus, it was a sure thing that I would host a babyshower party for a good friend of mine and soon mommy-to-be as a surprise party !

All of the preparation was quite challenging while having my little Pippa dancing around me and taking a lot of my time for herself, hence it should be a very splendid and cheesy and yet romantic party like in the USA.

Alicia was expecting a little girl, Malena – and thus it was for sure we would have a soft pink world of a baby.

Starting with yummie pink cupcakes with little baby flags on top  until cute give-aways for all attending girls – I think I haven’t left out any detail and it was a wonderful surprise.

The afternoon was filled with loads of delicious coffee and cake, funny games and certainly the central point: the gifting shower.

In the following you will find a list of ideas that I have integrated into my babyshower plan as well as some pictures for your inspiration.

Decoration ideas & inspirations for a cute babyshower: 

  • > Flags, garlands and balloons from the deco department of a toy store or a large department store
  • > Matching napkins, table covers, paper plates and cups, eg from Paper Eskimo on dawanda
  • > Cupcakes matching the color of the baby’s sex (pink or babyblue)
  • > Drops, candy canes, lollipops and flowers matching the color of the baby’s sex (pink or babyblue)
  • > Organza-bags filled with nice Give-Aways, here we hag eg Caribbean Escape Body Scrub in pink
  • > a pink diapers cake, either selfmade or from Dekosternchen on dawanda
  • > certainly aplenty pink gifts and packages

Games and entertainment ideas for a babyshower:

  • > Guessing game  “how big is mommies belly circumference”
  • > Guessing game “how many diapers are on the diapers cake”
  • > “How many baby products can you name” – listing game
  • > Colour & design baby onesies together (we have brought a bunch of white onesires in different sizes which we designed with textile colours)
  • Baby song karaoke or playback-Show

Nice gifting ideas for a babyshower

  • > A diaper cake with plenty of diapers
  • > The ultimate Mommie-to-be-bag, with everything in it what mommy might need
  • > Plenty of newborn stuff
  • > Pampers, Pampers, Pampers and again Pampers (even if everyone considers this to be unsexy new mums cannot have enough of it)
  • > Precious body care suff for baby and mommy, eg from L’Occitane or Dr. Duve
  • >Creative gift vouchers eg for 10x Babysitting or a mommy spa treatment
  • > “LIfesaves ” such as a Activity Center from Fisher Price; on the one hand super ugly but on the other hand soooo helpful as baby is entertained for quite a while so mommy can take a shower or cook

Most important: Don’t limit your creativity – the bolder and splendid your decoration the better. It just HAS to be cheesy! 


  1. Alex says:

    Was auch sehr süß ist – bei kann man M&Ms individualisieren in Farbe und Beschriftung

  2. Mia says:

    Ich liebe die niedliche Denko auf Baby-Showers 🙂
    Jede Menge Cupcakes und Schleifchen und pastellige Farben, das ist genau mein Ding!
    Hoffentlich wird meine eigene auch mal so schön 🙂
    Ganz liebe Grüße

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