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Education Tip: Handling money

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Sooner or later every parent will get to the moment when it is time to teach your child how to handle money, that money doesn’t grow on trees, things cost a amount of money and savings aren’t endless.  This understanding cannot be taught over night and is rather an continuing process of understanding.

A friend of mine, also mother, had a brilliant idea how to make this process tangible and understandeable. Coming to the favorite playground of our district, her lovely daughters (4 and 7 years old) had set up a little sales booth where they sold selfmade cupcakes and ice tea.

The girls asked me “Hello,  would you like to try our cupcakes?”. For the fabulous price of 50 Rappen (that’s approximately 40 €-Cent) I coultn’t resist this deliciously looking tempation. 🙂

The girls and their idea were so lovely, that I donated the change to their little cash box and indulged in their yummie cupcakes. I was cuirous and asked why they were selling cupcakes?

“We want to buy something nice for us!” One said  “A new dress for my doll”, the other one added “or such a cute bracelet like my friend has”.

I had to smile about this little sales booth as it reminded me so much of my own childhood when Eve and I did not only have one but countless sales booths in order to earn enough money to buy a pony one day.

We sold almost everything 🙂 Starting with a juice bar on the curb side where our neighbors were supposed to buy alcohol free cocktails over a backyard flea market where we sold our old toys to selling stolen cherries from our neighbor back to him – we didn’t spare neither effort to end up one day discovering that it would not be enough for a pony in a long time 🙂

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