Baby years – really the absolute baby & education guide?

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I guess almost every mommy-to-be in Germany, Switzerland or Austria gets the recommendation for the book “Baby years” from Remo Largo from her midwife or from a good friend as THE baby bible ever. So did I.

Hontstly speaking I do ask myself in the meantime – why, and need to express my frustration about the book and criticize the “oh so good” guidebook.

Certainly, Mr. Largo has made done some brilliant research in the past years and received many findings – however, for a parent, reading about findings is yet not enough. What the book lacks is solutions to his findings. And this is, what parents eg. in a sleepless night when the baby is crying for hours are looking for. Yes, it’s nice to read that it is normal that babies wake up during the night sleep. But please give some advice on how parents should or could react.

No, we do not want to become experts in kids psychology, but we want a recommendation and a solution when our cutie is awake at 3.30am having a crying attack and all of our ideas were useless.

It would be a great enhancement for us non-psychologists if the book was enhanced by tips and solutions – then we could talk about a real guidebook and I could give a full recommendation.

FACIT: Until these enhancements, I do not recommend buying the book but rather continuing to rely on your gut feeling.


  1. Der ist einfach klasse. Ich verschenke ihn regelmäßig. Ich finde Regelsammlungen ala “Unser Kind kann…” viel schlimmer. Jedes Kind ist anders und meine erst recht. Erziehen geht nicht nach Ratgeber, sondern aus dem Bauch heraus. Und Largo erklärt, rät aber nicht.

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