Spain’s Health Ministry said that Manuel Garcia Viejo

von am 06.06.2013

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canada goose clearance At least 562 have died in Sierra Leone.The outbreak of the hemorrhagic fever is the worst since it was identified in 1976 in the forests of central Africa.The lockdown was intended to allow 30,000 health workers, volunteers and teachers to visit every household in the country.Some criticised the measure before it began on Friday as a rush to stock up on provisions caused a spike in prices, leaving many of Sierra Leone’s poor unable to buy food.The medical charity Medecins Sans Frontieres has also warned that the lockdown could lead people to conceal cases.Residents have largely complied with the plan, and the streets of the capital have remained mostly deserted, except for ambulances and police vehicles.A team burying Ebola victims was attacked in Freetown on Saturday, however, as a small group defied the lockdown.“COMMITMENT TO CASH“Spain on Sunday evacuated from Sierra Leone a Spanish Catholic priest, who had tested positive for the virus.Spain’s Health Ministry said that Manuel Garcia Viejo, a member of the Hospital Order of San Juan de Dios, had been working in the western city of Lunsar.He is the second Spanish priest to be diagnosed with Ebola. Another member of the same order, Miguel Pajares, died last month after being brought back to Spain from Liberia.The military plane canada goose sale carrying Garcia Viejo left Freetown on Sunday evening. Once in Madrid, he will be taken to the Carlos III hospital, where Pajares was treated, the ministry said.Liberia, meanwhile, opened a new 150 bed Ebola treatment centre in the capital Monrovia on Sunday canada goose clearance.

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