Marshall’s a converted running back who appeared in only two

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canada goose sale outlet „I’m happy with the results, and surprised. In the future, I want to be an architect. I like designing and I have an artistic side.“I am going to Long Road College, and then after two years, I’ll go to uni, depending how I do at college.“Chloe Webb, 16, said she was heading straight back off to work at her job in child care after picking up her GCSE results.Girl triumphs in GCSEs after rare disease nearly stopped her sitting examsChloe got the equivalent of Cs in English literature, maths, and food, as well as a D in English language, a B in geography, and two Cs in science.She said she wanted to carry on working in child care, saying she wouldn’t be out celebrating her results with the rest of her cohorts, as she had to go to work.Speaking about the new grading system, one teacher told the News the changes did not appear to have hit anyone’s results negatively canada goose sale outlet.

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