Last fall, he installed a small computed tomography, or CT,

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Perry is the only woman to have made three 90 scores in positions 4 11. Kaur and Charlotte Edwards are the only others to have done it more than once. In any case, 100s in women’s ODIs from positions 4 11 are quite rare. In this undated image provided by Adam Summers, a University of Washington professor in the department of Biology and the School of Aquatic and Fisheries Sciences, a scan of the Thoracocarax Stellatus species of fish is shown, with color added by computer to enhance the Replica Celine rendering of the structure of the bones.University of Washington biology professor Adam Summers no longer has to coax hospital staff to use their CT scanners so he can visualize the inner structures of stingrays and other fish.Last fall, he installed a small computed tomography, or CT, scanner at the UW’s Friday Harbor Laboratories on San Juan Island in Washington state and launched an ambitious project to scan and digitize all of more than 25,000 species in the world.The idea is to have one clearinghouse of CT scan data freely available to researchers anywhere to analyze the morphology, or structure, of particular species.So far, he and others have digitized images of more than 500 species, from poachers to sculpins, from museum collections around the globe. He plans to add thousands more and has invited other scientists to use the CT scanner, or add their own scans to the open access database.Top News Photos: Congress Returns as Trump Ends DACA“We have folks coming from all over the world to use this machine,“ said Summers, who advised Pixar on how fish move for its hit animated films „Finding Nemo“ and „Finding Dory“ and is dubbed „fabulous fish guy“ on the credits for „Nemo.“He raised $340,000 to buy the CT scanner in November. Like those used in hospitals, the CT scanner takes X ray images from various angles and combines them to create three dimensional images of the fish.With each CT scan he posted to the Open Science Framework, a sharing website, people would ask him, „What are you going to scan next?“ He would respond: „I want to scan them all.

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