Eros and Thanatos, sexuality, eroticism, and the body’s beauty

von am 13.12.2012

Canada Goose Vests Gardens of the Pure in the museum’s northeast galleries brings together three artists whose collages and drawings make use of watercolor, gouache, pen, and paint to portray both female and male nudes in direct, sensuous, and occasionally disquieting styles. Eros and Thanatos, sexuality, eroticism, and the body’s beauty and awkwardness are all integral themes in each artist’s work. Often explicit, even uncomfortably so, while alternately entirely unobjectionable, Brophy, Kohlmann and Mackler, individually divergent, reverse the proverbial „male gaze,“ in the service of intensely personal, psychologically charged images that can just as easily be interpreted as playful and sweet. Canada Goose Vests

Canada Goose Parkas While in recent years Detroit’s craft beer scene has exploded with activity and innovation, brewing has a long history in the Motor City. Small brewers popped up during the mid 1800s to support nearby saloons. Many breweries survived the dry years by producing „near beer,“ or non alcoholic beer, which was quickly abandoned after Prohibition. Canada Goose Parkas

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