[3]:39 In the 1850s, when Benjamin Henry Latrobe, II was chief

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The route was laid out to minimize grades at the expense of curvature; elimination of the resulting sharp curves led to the construction of many tunnels over the next century. The planes over Parr’s Ridge arose from the same decision, and they gained the distinction of becoming one of the first railroad main line right of way abandonments in history.Initially a system of granite stringers and strap rail was preferred, although time, expense, and difficulty in obtaining sufficient granite led to the substitution of wooden ties and heavier „T rails“ for much of the route, beginning in the 1840s.[3]:39 In the 1850s, when Benjamin Henry Latrobe, II was chief operating engineer, the need to address these deficiencies became acute, and a variety of improvements were made, subject to the railroad’s limited resources at the time. All of the granite stringers and strap rail were replaced, and certain realignments were made.

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