Homer’s readings would have been somewhat grand and theatrical

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canada goose deals The History of Communications

Canada Goose online The Birth canada goose clearance sale of Communication Gather Around goose jackets the Hearth

Canada Goose Jackets Is social media the hearth of the modern age? The fire around which we all gather? The internet is not new and neither is social media but there is no denying their importance in the history of communication.

It was the fire in the centre of the house it flickered brightly at night and warmed the bones of the people who built it. They made fire for warmth and to cook food and heat liquids; it was the place for stories uk canada goose about hunting and fishing (or maybe for the women, cooking what their men had hunted). They sang together and talked together. It was a place for myth and stories and in time, for Canada Goose online songs canada goose factory sale and laughter.

canadian goose jacket To see social media in context it is best to see how it fits in with other means of communication through the ages we still gather buy canada goose jacket together but broadband media has enabled us to get together many miles apart Canada Goose Outlet together but alone.

Tonight you might read this on one tab and have Facebook open on another tab little pale blue notifications popping Canada Goose Jackets up regularly in the left hand lower corner of your screen to let you know that someone has commented or joined the conversation. Maybe Tumblr is open too and a friend is sharing photos on Flickr. Maybe you receive a Skype call? Isn’t this amazing? Is someone tweeting right now?

Broadband internet is your hearth tonight the fire in the centre. It means that when your friend talks to you from Canada Goose Online the USA, Canada, UK, China, Brazil, Spain, Australia, you can hear them and you can communicate with them straight away.

buy canada goose jacket Broadband internet has changed the history of communication for the better people have not changed. We still canada goose store want to talk to friends and family, we still Canada Goose Parka want to feel part of the community and broadband internet makes that happen.

How did broadband internet and through it, social media, change the history of communication? It gave the people what they wanted to be together.

‚Writing‘, well it wasn’t exactly writing, more a series of drawings strung together on stone tablets.

canada goose store The Phonecians, Egyptians, Greeks and others used this as a means of leaving tributes to the Gods or other deities and of course, in France cavemen drew on the walls of caves to tell their stories and communicate what they saw in canada goose uk outlet their day to canada goose clearance day lives (wild animals feature a lot!).

buy canada goose jacket cheap What canada goose uk black friday did all of those strange hieroglyphics mean? Were they significant?

canada goose coats Hieroglyphs were actually the first version of phonics a system of characters representing sounds.

English schools have gone back to using phonics to teach spelling so uk canada goose outlet the Egyptians knew a thing or two about how to communicate didn’t they?

Communication Storytelling The Greeks were Really Good At It!

canada goose clearance sale Homer was a storyteller perhaps the king of all storytellers and he wrote the Odyssey and the Iliad.

canada goose black friday sale The Iliad canadian goose jacket is generally recognised as the first piece of Western literature.

Homer was an epic poet and he wrote poems about the Trojan Wars.

In turn his poetry was repeated, it was the product of an oral tradition. Exactly when his poetry was transcribed is a matter of conjecture but in the wider sense of looking at epic poetry as cheap Canada Goose a means of communication, we hark back to the hearth again; people gathered together to canada goose hear tales and stories.

The epic poetry of Homer is an extension of this tradition communicating to a crowd en masse. In turn his poems were repeated by others to their communities. Homer’s work was not written down on papyrus until about the 8th century BC.

canada goose coats on sale The Greeks understood this tradition as a central part of their culture. Homer’s readings would have been somewhat grand and theatrical people may have hung on his every word. A silence might have fallen across the crowd as he built up his poetic tale. The Greek theatre is also born out of this tradition of storytelling; it adds a cultural dimension to commuication the Greeks were not only communicating with one another but also with their cheap canada goose uk gods they believed that the gods could hear and see them.

Can we compare broadband internet to the oral tradition of canada goose uk shop epic poetry? Not really, one was about travelling from place to place to engage audiences in your epic tales. That human contact cannot be duplicated by broadband internet, not in the way it was intended by Homer anyway. But nobody would argue that both means of communicating share a strong cultural dimension.

The Codex The Romans Give Us The First Books Written Communication

canada goose clearance The Romans wrote things down. They used an alphabet and wrote on papyrus scrolls.

canada goose Eventually, someone canada goose coats on sale worked out that a page worked better than a scroll Canada Goose sale and those pages together made a book. They were called a ‚codex‘ which means ‚blocks of wood hence words like codices which we still use today).

Canada Goose sale The book revolutionised literature from that day on. We still have canada goose coats books canada goose black friday sale now in the 21st century, though that is now sharing space with e books like the Kindle.

cheap Canada Goose The difference between the scroll and the book was that information buy canada goose jacket cheap (reading) went from being sequential to being random.

Canada Goose Parka Now in this respect, communication got a lot easier and also gave the reader more autonomy. We take for granted that we can flick through a Canada Goose Coats On Sale book to find the page we want; imagine what this must have felt like to the Romans, so used to unravelling a scroll and reading the whole thing in order.

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