It’s a platform for us as parents to talk with our kids about

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Hermes Belt Replica „Students carry it home to their parents and then they have to decide together to decorate something outside of the house with the message.“She said that when the message gets outside, it spreads through the neighborhood.“This is a message they can own,“ she said.In fact, Cooper’s mother, Lora Kennedy, said, „This is the second year in a row that Cooper has won the award.“Cooper is one of 10 winners nationwide, and the only student from Palm Beach County to win in the contest and, like audience participation TV shows, received the most votes for his photos in an online voting competition.For winning the contest, Cooper gets an iPad and the school receives $1,000 to use on drug prevention and incentives for students.During a two week period, friends and family are enlisted to vote for the decoration as their favorite.“My older children posted on Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter and all our friends and co workers voted each day for Cooper,“ his mother said. „It’s not an easy thing to remember to vote each day, but they did.“She said, „The say no to drugs message transcends school boundaries and brings the message into our homes. It’s a platform for us as parents to talk with our kids about the message and reinforce at home what they learn in school.“Cooper is excited to win his second I Pad, which his mother calls „the family iPad.“A natural athlete, Cooper’s favorite subjects in school are art and „playground.“Cooper, who is not yet sure what he wants to be when he grows up, said more about Hermes Replica bags, „I hung up fliers in my neighborhood and asked people in church to vote for me.“Older sisters Alyssa and Kristin shot photos of Cooper doing what he loves best playing football, tennis, soccer, basketball and guitar, and Cooper chose the images he wanted for his poster.The Red Ribbon campaign was founded in response to the 1985 murder of DEA Agent Enrique Camarena, which angered parents and youth in communities across the country who took to wearing red ribbons as a symbol of their commitment to raise awareness of the toll drug use takes in America.Since that year, Red Ribbon Week takes place annually at schools to showcase drug prevention initiatives.State Sen Hermes Belt Replica.

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